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The iPhone 11 Pro Review

The iPhone Pro 11 hit the markets in September 2019 and rave reviews already trail its much-anticipated release as follows;

Operating System

The iPhone Pro 11 is built to run with IOS 9, which has been described by Apple as “the world’s most advanced intuitive and secure operating system”.

The interface is elegantly designed to sync with its superior multi-tasking elements and apps, to give you the best of mobile and iPad experiences. It comes with the turbo performing A13 Bionic chip, enhanced graphics processor and storage controller. It simply redefines the user's mobile experiences with advanced IT support.


The iPhone Pro 11 was built to give you value-for-money with its double-value-added productivity sphere. Fitted with unique imaging innovation, it gives you a split-view, slide-over and a picture in picture programming allows you to seamlessly multitask on iPad with amazing network support.

Quick type formatting and text selection has been redefined to give you unco…

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