Get A Notch Ahead With Financial Literacy

A good habit to cultivate in the New Year is to learn to read one book at least monthly.This is one sure way to learn to put together the best options available at any point in time. It is widely believed that you can only go as far as you know and that the more you know, the faster your progress is likely to be.
Deciding on the one book to read monthly doesn't have to be a very difficult task for anybody. The hardest part to it all is deciding you are going to read. A range of decisions to be made will cover;
The niche to read
The authors to decide on
The mode of literature
The medium to explore.
Deciding on the niche should be a matter of personal judgement. But it is recommended that for beginners, decide on starting out with the basics of financial literacy. A good place to start is the Rich Dad Series. It is a great way to learn the numbers and set the mind on this genre of learning.
For those who have started out but are yet to make consistent progress whether as a result of not taking to the practicals or plain indecision, the classic-Why We Want You To Be Rich is a good place to continue.
Realizing this is the digital age makes it absurd to think of books or learning in terms of the printed page alone. The web pages, websites, E-zines, Emails, blogs and a host of other options contribute beyond a mileage in getting the job done.
For those who are neck deep in the new media, a regular look at sites like can be a good ally on the way. The serialized book ''Pointing To The Goldmine 1'' was an instant hit with the buzz on Internet platforms in the third and Fourth quarter of 2010.
There is no single cocktail that is equipped to transport anyone to the height of financial literacy but the books to read and E-zines to follow play a great part in the journey.


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