Bend it Like Memphis

Bend it Like Beckham Memphis

I read a great story today. It was about Memphis Depay. Memphis is the No 7 Jersey-striker newly recruited by Manchester United, for those of you familiar with English Premier League.

I was enthused when I read that he and his mum, endured years of leanness in his growing up years, as he was abandoned by his dad and later on by his mother's boyfriend. Reviewing his mindset and disposition, it was like listening to Deepak Chopra, Les brown or Joel Osteen.

He refused to be dissuaded by his colorless childhood and set out to deploy his energies to football. Today at 21, he is already a remarkable personality, despite his lack-luster growing up years. He has found a father figure in Luis van Gaal. Who is the sweat merchant at Manchester United and was his former coach at PSV.

I watched his performance in the last UEFA CUP play-offs involving Manchester United and Club Bruges, to me he is cast in the mold of legends of the round leather game. Step aside, David Beckham and welcome on stage, Memphis. His positioning and clout on the field was unmistakable, judging from his years at PSV, a new star is certainly born on the world stage.

I saw him score a goal from flanks and with the way he bent it like Beckham, I was more than impressed. He is sturdy on the pitch, steady with the ball and remarkably creative with his skew of the shots.

Are there lessons we can learn from Memphis?
Persistence pays in the face of all odds.
Your disadvantaged background does not mean you can’t attain fame, prominence and wealth. No matter who has rejected you or refused to provide you a soft-landing, you can emerge at the other side, triumphant like Memphis; with the world as your oyster!


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