Mystery Shopping Profiles


I was in Sandton for a Bookshop review and the objective was to estimate the number of callers at the shop for a two-hour period and evaluate their shopping behavior. My review hours were 1200 to 1400 hours.


In about two hours that I was there, over 40 persons actually walked in, stopped at the stands to pick a book or look through the shelf. While 10 persons out of the 40 walked directly to the sales and enquiry point to make their order, the others walked directly to pick the books of their choice.

Out of the 30 persons who walked directly to the stands, only 10 of them made a purchase, while 15 looked at a book for more than 10 minutes and walked rout of the shop. The other 5 took a seat to read a book or journal.

The summary of the pattern of behavior revealed that only 10 out of the fifty persons who visited the shop ending up making a purchase while the others did not.


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