Common Reasons Why Women can’t Get Pregnant

The inability of women to get pregnant can be a bother especially when they desire to have children. The fears of infertility are what play up initially as one menstrual circle leads to another and pregnancy remains far-fetched. However, when women can’t get pregnant it doesn’t always point to infertility but can be as a result of a number of reasons including irregular hormones or an irregular period,

Unbalanced Hormones

Hormones are active chemical messengers that are found in the human body which affect the brain, muscles, heart, bones and the reproductive organs. They are crucial to the proper working of the every cell in the body. They work best when there is a balance and unbalanced hormones can result from a number of factors.
The imbalance in the hormones can be caused by lack of sleep, bad diet, excessive stress, inadequate exercise and use of synthetic hormones. Estrogen is the hormone that drives reproductive and sexual health in women and the female body loses the capacity to produce it with age. This explains why women can’t get pregnant as they grow older.

Irregular Periods

Irregular periods can result from eating disorders like bulimia, excessive weight gain or loss, stress or emotional problems, contraceptives, malfunction of the thyroids, excessive exercise and travels, breastfeeding amongst others. It is a common reason why women can’t get pregnant.
It can also be due to premature ovarian failure, which makes a woman to stop menstruation before she turns 40. Premature ovarian failure can result from chemotherapy for women undergoing treatment for cancer

Defective Ovaries

The ovaries can be defective when the ovaries produce more androgens (another form of hormones) than is needed by female reproductive system. This interferes with the ovarian follicles and egg release during ovulation. The growth of ovarian cysts or fibroids inside the uterus can affect the progression of the sperm inside the uterus and affect the implantation process. This ultimately is one of the reasons women can’t get pregnant.

Treating Women who can’t get pregnant

There are a number of ways that women can access treatment for the above conditions. The presence of cysts or fibroids can be corrected with surgery and combination of other alternatives that a Physician might prescribe.


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