How to Get Maximum Value with Your Face Moisturizer

Most products available for different areas of life are made with specifications and your face moisturizer is not an exception. Basically, a moisturizer will keep your face hydrated and appropriately fortified. Here are basic tips you can use:

1. Use the Right Procedure

Any face moisturizer you use is supposed to improve your looks but it can give the opposite results if you use a rub down-down approach. Rubbing your face on an up-down approach can end up sagging your skin , as you tug on your face To get the best results, a circular pattern using small circles at a time is preferred for best results.

2. Stick to Your Routine

Your moisturizer needs to be used at night as well and not just during the day. Having a good face moisturizer to use at night will prevent dehydration from getting the better of your face as a lot of water is lost whenever you are at sleep. A good product will enhance your body repair mode while you sleep.

3. Identify Your Skin Needs

Identifying your skin type is the first step to enjoying the effects of a good face moisturizer. Your skin type determines how often you need to use your moisturizer. Moisturizers do not only keep you hydrated, they also supply vital ingredients for healthy skin such as vitamins and minerals that your diet might be lacking.

4. Specific Body Parts Need Specific Care

A skin moisturizer might not have the same effect as a face moisturizer as a result of sensitivity and this is the reason while you find that there are different kinds of moisturizers that you can use. Each moisturizer is designed to meet the needs of a specific area of your body and you need to adhere to this to get the best results.

5. Timing

Whenever you shave or undergo detoxification, there is removal of the dead layers of your skin which can also lead to removal of essential oils that are present. To ameliorate these effects, it is advised that you replenish the lost nutrients by using a face moisturizer. This will not only lead to a nourished skin but also helps to keep your facial tone balanced with the necessary essential oils and vitamins.

6. Occasions Change

During winter, your face moisturizer needs to be generously applied or use a product with more oily content to make up for the effects of loss of moisture . During summer, lighter products will be preferred so as to put a balance to your sebum production while supplying the required nutrients in one fell swoop.


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