Your Guide To Free Grocery Shopping and Freebies

Free Shopping Samples

There is nowhere in the country or across the globe that you won’t find people that love free shopping samples. 
As an unspoken rule, free stuff always attracts the attention of many people, which is another way of saying; everybody wants to have free stuff. The reality though, is that freebies do not walk on-all-fours. You need to find out where they are found and take the needed steps to get there.

Where to find free stuff

Today’s world is dominated by the activities on the Internet and there is no doubt that the three billion people who use the World Wide Web across the globe drive the direction of the world. The following are the easiest picks when it comes to getting free stuff;

Shopping Websites

There are a number of shopping websites that provide free stuff for people who are registered users or visitors to the portal. The range of items can include free downloads of music, eBooks or samples. The gargantuan shopping website -Amazon, offers free Kindle downloads of different eBooks book samples during promotional seasons.

There are many websites that offer such free stuff that ordinarily should be paid for, as a part of their publicity or product awareness.

 Coupon Sites

There are a number of coupon sites that offer coupons for free shopping across a number of websites or retail shops. Some coupons are given out at the beginning of the month while others are available all year round. Some coupons cover groceries, household supplies, and hygiene items.

There are websites like Google, Facebook, Bing and many others provide coupons through third party service providers so that those who subscribe to such related services can get a chance to use the coupons as payment for services or to reduce the total fee payable on such services. This is common with Facebook, Google and Bing ad services.


There are newsletters that are mailed to subscribers to service providers or organizations which provide links to free stuff in every issue. People who receive such newsletters get a chance to enjoy freebies either through free product samples or shopping vouchers. There are also other links to free samples of new products or close substitutes when they launch.

Online Rewards

Some websites provide a lead to great freebies. People also get a chance to win free stuff, coupons or product samples when they register for certain services, buy goods or complete some form of quiz or contest. There are puzzles or trivia online that can be the ticket to such free stuff. Some other prizes can be monetary and the winners need not pay to be awarded their prizes.

Free Entertainment

Free entertainment can be found online on websites like YouTube, Metacafe, iStore amongst others. There are music videos, films, and games that can be played for free and downloaded in some cases, without paying a dime. It is the icing on the cake of free stuff for energetic people across the globe


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