Webmaster Secrets That Can Turn Your Website Ranking Around For Good

In this modern age of technology, the world is largely influenced, dominated and governed by leading websites. Therefore, there is the system of optimization and ranking.

A better ranked website has greater chances to appear at top ranks in search results. You might have seen some websites more popular in search results. This is the reason behind it. By following some specific techniques you can make your website ranked better as well.

Analyze Competitor’s Backlink

Backlinks are the links between two websites. They are one of the most important aspect for search engines to determine the authority of a website.

 The number of quality backlinks is considered by the search engine as votes to determine the website’s relevance to the specific keyword. Link value is the calculation of the SEO value of any selected backlink.

Most valuable links are formed when other websites link to yours because of the product or service relevance with them. These are most the most difficult to get.

On the basis of your competitor’s backlink you can not only build your own secure backlink but it also help you to build your profile more strong by analyzing your competitor’s profile and locating the gaps there.

·         We are going to use SEO SpyGlass to locate who is linking to our competitors and what is their level of authority. Create a new project in the software and enter your URL in it.

·         The software will take some time to analyze the backlinks and give you a detailed report where can have the information about number of IPs, domains and backlinks connected to your page. 

       The analysis report also have the detail about their progress over time. You can understand it with the help of following information.

A DoFollow backlink is used where the referrer resists passing on the link juice. The more of them you get the better it is. But you should get them through authoritative domains. The C-Block metric is the one that comes from some IP address belonging to a unique IP address.

Companies having more than one website mostly have similar IPs so, it is important for search engine to exclude the potential link-networks that are designed to manipulate the page ranking.

Some other factors useful in backlink analysis are domain InLink rank, page InLink rank, backlink country of origin, linked pages and anchors texts. InLink rank determines how much power lies with the domain and the Domain InLink is the domain’s overall power estimation.

All these factors are used to analyze the growth of a page in the eyes of the search engine over the time. You can easily know the authority and value of each backlink to your website and hence, understand the competing website’s domain authority.

Comparison of Domain

Now we have to figure out how the backlink profiles of our competitors stack up against one another and which of them we can’t outrank.

·         In SEO SpyGlass, chose Domain Comparison tab at the left-side panel and enter the competitors found previously in Rank Tracker.

·         SEO SpyGlass will give you a summarized analysis of competitor’s backlink profiles. Compare the various metrics against your profile and find out where your competitors are focusing for their SEO ranking. Now using the information, find out the gaps in your profile and focus on getting quality.

Authoritative DoFollow backlinks indicate improvement but are built over the time, making it a long-time commitment. To know the potential of the juicy backlinks we’ll use the Intersection module in SEO SpyGlass.

·         Open the Domain Comparison module and click the Link Intersection. You will get a list of domains from which your competitors get links, excluding the ones linked to you.

This will give you an idea about from where your competitors get their best backlinks. Use the information to link opportunities. These quality domains linking to competitors can be a valuable resource.

On-Page Tactics of the Competitors

An important factor in SEO is your website’s overall design. A functional website is necessary not only for god user experience but also for the search engine to hit it effectively.

You shouldn’t put a huge amount of money on website design but give it considerable importance and take clues from your competitors.

 Most importantly, your landing page can be improved even in a day by taking inspiration from your competitors. To optimize the pages for target keywords and industry we need to have a look at the on-page design of our competitor.

·         Open Website Auditor in the suite and create new project. Enter your website URL or that of the competitor’s website.

·         Click at Content Analysis, choose the page you want to analyze and enter few keywords that you want to optimize for your website.

·         Check the Content Optimization and see if any problems need to be corrected.

·         By checking below the Competitor’s tab you will have a close look about your competitor’s way of handling these aspects. Use the information that you have learned here to improve your website and make it perfect.


With every passing day, the role of semantics in the world of search engine is increasing. As the context explains the intent hence, much of the thought is given to user queries.

 Your competitors can provide you with all the relevant information for the task by giving you many relevant keywords which you might not have considered. For the purpose we need to learn about the TF*IDF formula.

This is a technique used to analyze the body of some text to give important ranking to some specific words. Firstly, it tells us about how frequently the word is used in the text.

Secondly it gives the inverse term frequency that is the higher ranking of unique words and lower ranking of common words. The purpose of running this formula on the websites of competitors is to find the words associated to our keywords.

·         Open Website Auditor and go for the TF-IDF button you will find at the left under the Content Analysis tab.

·         You will get a list of keywords immediately with the mentioned frequency of competitor’s as well as your page. Use this information to analyze how the frequency can be improved at your page.

·         Now go for the Recommendation tab at the right side that will give recommendations for our page, based on the word frequency of the competitor.

It is important to remember that every industry have its own terms and vocabulary used typically so, this is a very crucial step for every niche.

One Step Ahead of Search Engines

Social signals are becoming very important with every passing day. These are the collective likes, shares and business visibility that your website gets from social networks.

Nowadays, the like from Instagram, twitter and Facebook are used hugely for marketing as well as opinion collection. 

It is very necessary to know about our competitor’s social media technique they are using to enhance their SEO campaigns and use this valuable information. While you social signals analysis of the competitor, you should keep these points in mind:

·         Consider the content carefully and note down every keyword they have targeted.

·         Consider YouTube videos, twitter and Facebook updates, and Instagram posts to analyze the typical content for your industry.

·         Can and how do we adopt the competitor’s technique to achieve our success? And what are the gaps and how can we fill them?

It’s time to use Awario, our in-house social media listening tool, to analyze how our competitors use the social signals for their benefit.

·         Open the awario.com and create a new project for your website. Put in here the URL of your website as well as some of the competitor links that you want to track with it.

·         Awario will scan for within seconds, the social networks to tell you how and where your brand will get the exposure.

·         There is the 'mention tab' which will tell you from where your competitors are getting their exposure. Use this valuable information to find and fill the potential gaps in your campaign. Note down the reach figure and also from where they are getting most exposure.

If you don’t analyze from where your competitors are getting their publicity, you will miss out on everything. 

Even if you are not interested in active social media marketing, this information will still be valuable to give you the idea about the type of content that resonates with your target audience. Use Awario and get maximum benefit of its potential.


This guide is targeted towards everyone, to give all of your some insight about this important issue. Keep in mind that proper SEO is a long-term commitment and it requires constant keep-up to keep an eye on how effective and important your techniques are.

As the trends keep changing with time hence, you need to keep an eye on your competitor’s information constantly.

This guide will help you to identify the lagging areas in your website and give you ways to improve them. Use your creative mind and your will get an edge over all of your competitors.


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