How To Live In Scotland And Be Happy


How To Live In Scotland


When you move to Scotland, expats who already live in Scotland have some advice about life in Scotland and the people you meet. One expat wrote: 'The islands are simple and rewarding, the scenery is incredible. People seem to have a good work-life balance, and expats in Edinburgh have described life in Scotland as "very different" from the rest of the UK, with "a good mix of people, places and things." 


Working hours are usually between 35 and 40 hours a week, and if people do not have children, they can go out for lunch or dinner a few days a week. 




The work of Carr and Cavanagh (2009) estimates that more than half a million people born in Scotland currently live outside Scotland (46%). The majority (almost 800,000) live in England, but the situation is similar to that of the UK as a whole, which has a higher proportion of people born there than any other country in the world. There are also more than 50,000 Scots - born elsewhere in the UK. Currently, 80% of all people born in Scotland live outside Scotland, and the majority of them live within Scotland. 


Of all the countries considered in the Carr and Cavanagh study, Scotland has been one of the most concentrated diaspora, with 90% of Scottish emigrants accounting for more than half of all emigrants from the UK to other countries in the world.  Scotland has consistently been voted one of the best destinations in the world by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTC) and the International Tourism Organization (ITO). 


There are many reasons to consider moving to Scotland if you are absolutely in love with Scotland. If you've really made this country your home, the best things about life in Scotland are here, whether you're new or have lived in one of the most beautiful countries in the world for a long time.


Before you move to Scotland, in case you know very little about the country, there are a number of great things to consider when it comes to travel, accommodation, food and culture.  As Scotland is part of the UK, many people have had the opportunity to move to other countries such as England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. 


We have compiled this guide to answer some of the most common concerns so you can see if Scotland is a good fit for you and your family. 


Settling in Scotland


To celebrate Burns Night, YouGov asked Scots what they thought were the best and worst things about life in Scotland. Scots enjoy these two things far more than anyone else in the country, but they speak to how easily Scotland's landscape and wildlife are accessible.  Meanwhile, 37% of Scots say the best thing about Scotland is its high quality of life, with the highest population in the UK and worldwide. 


There are always two sides to everything, and while Scotland has had its fair share of disadvantages, the benefits often outweigh the disadvantages. 


The Scottish labour market is incredibly welcoming to people from other counties and you have the opportunity to welcome them with open arms. So if you're planning on moving to one of Scotland's other big cities, such as Glasgow or Edinburgh, here's a list of the pros and cons of living in Scotland. 


Working in Scotland


There are several jobs for expats in Scotland and you can find temporary jobs through the Scottish employment agencies, which sometimes provide accommodation in connection with employment. There are many jobs for foreign migrant workers looking for a way to earn as part of a working holiday in Scotland. They can obtain a work visa so that they can start their first year of work in the UK, or even longer if they wish. 


Finally, if you want to work at one of Edinburgh's main attractions, you can go through a number of temporary employment agencies and decide for yourself. 


If you don't know what they are, have a look on the Internet, and you should find a number of links to explore. One great tip is to use the school route if you are a foreigner. Your decision to apply to universities in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen can be the best bet to getting a foothold in the country.




There are many attractions that travelers to Scotland would ingratiate themselves, but as to living here, you could be on the right footing if you love things on the calm side. Scotland is calm, serene, and enjoyable. You might love it here.


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