Need An affordable wedding dress? Here Are The Winning Tips You Need



Getting married is expensive.

Well, not getting married. Getting married in itself consists in walking into a government office with a couple friends and your partner and signing a document. It’s all the pomp and circumstance that tends to come with it, in the form of a public marriage ceremony, that is expensive. And few parts of that ceremony can be as stressing and expensive as the bridal dress itself.

The bride’s dress is, for most people, the center of attention during the ceremony and posterior gathering, so it’s not surprising brides often get so stressed over it. To help you with that stress, however, we have gathered a small list of tips to get the best dress you can without breaking your bank.


Look beyond bridal dresses


The first tip is one of the biggest ones: You don’t necessarily need a bridal dress from a dedicated store that carries a huge price because it’s “bridal.” While you naturally may not want to wear your auntie’s floral dress to your wedding, there are plenty of dresses that aren’t specifically made for brides but can still look the part.

You’ll likely have to make some sacrifices, naturally – non-wedding dresses, for example, don’t tend to have many embellishments. But in an era where brides go for the traditional less and less, there are plenty of other dresses that could look the part without breaking your bank.


Think outside the color


White dresses are more expensive, plain and simple.

While most brides wouldn’t be caught dead in, say, a black wedding dress (although wearing one would definitely make your friends remember the dress,) other colors, like a light pink or blue can look great while costing much less than their white counterparts.


Buy floor models


Floor models of clothes are often cheaper than warehouse ones, since these are exposed to the elements and customers of the store. The detail here is that in the vast majority of cases, these models will be pristine, since stores tend to want to display perfect versions of the models they sell.

This leads to a simple way to buy your bridal dress, which is getting the floor model. Now, you can’t just walk into a store and demand to be sold the floor model, but clothing shops, and particularly bridal ones, often run sales on all floor models when it’s time to showcase new merchandise. Make use of them  for the needed savings.


Buy off-the-rack


Getting a dress that fits perfectly or almost perfectly from the get go means you’ll get to save money in adjustments – and depending on how many changes you need, these adjustments can be quite costly.

You might not be lucky enough to have a dress fit perfectly off-the-rack, but there’s a huge difference between having to shorten a part a tiny bit and having to basically re-do the whole dress. If possible, buy something that already fits your size.


Rent a dress


This clearly isn’t what most brides dream of, but to be fair wedding dresses aren’t precisely something you can casually wear after the wedding, and if a couple decades down the line you suggest that your daughter or granddaughter wear the same dress you did you’ll likely get an eyeroll followed by an annoyed sigh.

So think outside what’s usual. Chances are your husband-to-be is either wearing something he already has (because men can do that) or… renting a suit. You can rent a dress, too, as it turns out. Rent the runway is one of the sites offering this service, and there might be places in your town offering it too.


If renting doesn’t quite work out, you can also look for a second-hand dress. As long as it is pristine no one will know, and you’ll be able to save money on it. It’s not what you dreamed of as a child, but it works just as well anyway.


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